Sindh Tech Valley

Sindh Tech Valley is a platform to support and empower the Youth of Sindh towards technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and freelancing.

The objective of Sindh Tech Valley is to support and promote the startup ecosystem in Sindh province by utilizing best practices for supporting innovation.


“Bridging people of Sindh province with national and global Start-ups ecosystems by nurturing, mentoring, funding and scaling up at global level.”


Our mission is to raise awareness and establish a thriving startup ecosystem in Sindh and its environs. We aim to bridge all existing platforms with the startup ecosystem and connect Sindhi diasporas with the local ecosystem. We seek to accelerate the knowledge economy in this region by establishing a resource pool and targeting specific domains such as Fintech, Agritech, and HealthTech. Our goal is to create a thriving and supportive environment for innovative and entrepreneurial endeavors.


The objective of Sindh Tech Valley is to support and promote the startup ecosystem in Sindh province of Pakistan by utilising international best practices on supporting innovation and startup ecosystem in Sindh.

Further, to Promote Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Incubators/Startups in IT sector Generate sustainable innovation, entrepreneurship, and employment opportunities for the country’s rapidly growing technology savvy and entrepreneurial youth of Sindh. 

To conduct digital skills programs for human resource development in current and emerging technology domains. Collaborate with international partners to boost innovation. Set up venture capital funds to hold national level competitions on a regular basis in all key emerging technologies and applications.

Establish and build a framework for setting-up incubation centres in provincial capital &
major secondary cities facilitating IT startups to get off the ground more quickly and smoothly by tapping into a vast network of business partners and mentors, including specialised innovation centres in thematic areas including FinTech, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotics. Promote and encourage entrepreneurship by providing incentives to the IT sector and training for young professionals to become freelancers.